Leach interview with Roxy



1.) Can you tell the readers where you are from and how you became LEACH?
We’re from a mid-sized Swedish town called Borås, which is located in the southwest, near Gothenburg. Me (Markus), Anders and Joachim grew up in the same area of the city and have known eachother since 1st grade. 
Started out 2003 in our early teens when we picked up the instruments at our local youth center. By then none of us knew how to play anything but we had always been into metal with all it’s sub genres so we knew that we wanted it to be heavy. On our very first gig we played: Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden, Sabbath – Paranoid and Cranberries – Zombie. 
Not long after that Victor joined the band as a second guitarist. Went on with that lineup ’til this summer when Jamie joined after Victor decided to leave due to family obligations.
2.) What kind of musical style do you incorporate into LEACH’s sound?
Some call it Hardcore, others Thrash or metalcore. We call it Thrash’n’Roll since it’s a hybrid of them all. Thrash being the main ingredient but with more of a hardcore approach I guess.
Strongly influenced by Swedish bands like The Haunted, Entombed and Raised Fist. Blended with a big dose of American metal and hardcore acts such as Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Hatebreed and Agnostic Front. 
3.) What is the writing process with your music?
Usually I get stuck with a melody in my head or I fool around with the guitar and it pops up a main riff. By then I almost always also get an idea of how I want the melody/phrasing of the singing parts to be, and I usually also get a basic idea of the drum patterns. Then I work around that riff making up a core structure of the song without any vocals. I present it to the other guys and thats when everyone kicks in with ideas and put their touch on it. When it’s time for recording I write the lyrics with the phrasing idea in my head and I put in words with the right amount of syllables fitting that phrasing pattern. 
4.) Do you have any “lucky items” or conduct any “good luck rituals” before you you perform?
Well, we used to have but not anymore. We had a mascot called “Göran” which was a stuffed Ferret that I inherited from my grandparents. He had a red party hat with a cigarette end in his mouth. We used to bring him to shows and place him by the drums. Somehow we misplaced him or he got stolen after a gig so now he is forever missed. 
5.) How was the transition with Jamie, your new guitar player?
Smooth to sum it up with one word. We knew him through another local band and when he first tried out he already knew three of our songs that he learnt by ear. The week after we told him he got the gig, and on the next rehearsal he already knew six of the songs so as I said – real smooth. Gonna have our premiere show together at a local gig later this month!
6.) Do you notice a difference in the music industry in Sweden versus other countries?
We’ve never played the states so can’t speak from that experience. I would say that Sweden has a strong lineup of bands and because of that maybe have some sort of spotlight from the industry when it comes to bigger bands “breaking it”. 
However the live scene for smaller and upcoming bands aren’t that good. You just can’t make a buck out of it and in the same time it’s a country with a small population and great distances. With that you get cities too small to have a scene with bands doing gigs every weekend. Therefore most bands we know try to get out to Europe and especially Germany. There you got a totally different scene where people attend shows on weekdays, having a drink with their friends. Because of that you naturally get a better flow of bands and a better business model.
7.) You recently put out an album “Hymns For The Hollow…”  How do feel about it’s success? 
We’re truly happy with the way Hymns.. turned out. It’s a nice blend of songs, you know fast ones, party anthems and just heavy ass songs. I’m still “old school” in that fashion that I like to listen to artists full albums and not single tracks in a playlist. ‘Casuse I wanna listen to it as a full production and the transitions between the songs trying to figure out the ideas behind the setlist and so on. That’s where I think we got a nice blend of you know “singles” and tracks that make the album “breathe”. Worked with our long time friend Mike Cameron Force for mixing it, and turned to Jacob Hansen (Volbeat ao) who did a great job mastering it. 
8.)  “We Have It All” has been a huge hit off “Hymns For The Hollow” (As well as a personal favorite of mine)… But I am curious to know if you have a song of your own, that holds a special meaning? 
Well it’s a different track every week that’s kind of your favorite. Right now I would say it’s “Pragmatic Youth” wich I think is a good sum up of what we’re all about music wise. We usually have working titles of other bands in which we think it reminds us of. Pragmatic was called ReTombed from the bands Refused and Entombed. Refused ’cause the mainriff reminded us of Refused – Summerholidays vs punkroutine and Entombed ’cause it sort of has that same energy as any song coming from their Wolverine blues album. 
“We have it all” initially was called “TurboHives”. The melody of the guitar reminded us of Turbonegro and The Hives is because of it’s steady 4-beat drum pace. 
9.) What kind of advice would you give to upcoming artists entering the music industry?
Not sure if we’re really the right band to answer that question but we’ll do it anyway.. Do it out of love for the music. Even though you create great tunes and have a big ambition with tons of work put in to it. Chances are you are not gonna make a buzz out there ’cause there’s simply too much noise in the way and standing out is a tricky one these days. So do it out of love and give it your best. If it happens, it happens. 

10.) Is there any additional comments you would like the readers to know?


With an average height of 1,91m within the band – we might be the tallest band on earth… 😉